Friday, July 10, 2015

Abundant Love ~ Katie m. Berggren paintings

I love this photo....

real life Katie m. Berggren painting mother and baby picture
Me and Ronan (about 2 weeks old)
To me, it captures the early bond between my son and me when he was only a few days old.  I had so much love for him instantly, and Ronan has always been such a sweet, snugly, little guy.  He still loves being held and cuddled, and I still can't get enough of my Ronan baby.  I still see him like I do in this photo, my little baby, even though he's walking (or running!), talking and getting so big.  Maybe I'm getting a little sentimental with his 2nd birthday just about a week away... 

I came across Katie m. Berggren's art online and it instantly spoke to me.  It beautifully shows the love between mother's and their babies (and dad's too).

Here are a few of my favorites:

"Couplet" - Katie m. Berggren painting
"Couplet" - Katie m. Berggren painting

Mandy's Painting - mother child print by Katie m. Berggren

Aren't they beautiful!?!

Disclaimer:  Katie m. Berggren did not give me any free paintings or other compensation and this is not a sponsered post, I'm just a fan. 



Carolyn Connelly said...

Wow Jenny! That is such a special photo that captures that incredible moment! I love Katie M. Berggren's paintings too! Thanks for sharing!

Katie m. Berggren art & design said...

awww, you are so sweet, Jenny, what a nice post. And what an amazingly sweet photo, with such baby-personality! Thank you!
Love, Katie m. Berggren

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