Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ronan is 4 months old!

As of his 4 month appointment on 11.25.13
Weight:  15 lbs 15 oz (65th percentile)
Length: 26.9 inches- (95th percentile)

Sleeping:  Well I should have knocked on wood or something!  I feel like as soon as I posted about Ronan sleeping 10 hours at night, that ended.  I shouldn't have taken it for granted!!!  And I thought since he was sleeping through the night at a young age, I was good to go for the long haul... but oh no, not so fast!  He's waking up pretty regularly now about every two hours to four hours, but the good news is that he wants to eat and then goes back to sleep easily (KNOCK ON WOOD!).

Eating: I think I may have figured out why he isn't sleeping through the night.  Ronan used to eat about 20oz a day at daycare and that number has dropped by almost half.  However, he is constantly breastfeeding through the night.  He is sleeping and eating, so at least he is easy, but it's still exhausting waking up every couple of hours.  From what I've read, this is called Reverse Cycling and it can happen when a baby prefers to breastfeed rather than take a bottle.  But he was using a size 0 nipple and we bumped him up to a 2 so we will and now he is eating more like 15oz, so we'll see if that helps.

Would it be inappropriate to ask my daycare provider to wear one of these so he eats better during the day instead of just at night?  (Just kidding of course, but not really if it worked!) 
Mood:  He's a happy and busy baby.  He's been a little fussy the past two days, and it really worries us (& stresses us out!)  because it just isn't normal for him.  But he was a perfect angel for the family on Thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday.

Loves:  He loves attention.  He loves being held, but even just looking at him will usually make him happy.

Ronan (left) and Logan (right) - I think Ronan will be handsome like daddy :)

Wearing:  He's definitely long and wearing some of his 6 months outfits, but he still fits in some of his 3 months clothes too.  I tried on an old 3 months outfit that went missing for about a month...before it was pretty big on him, but now the pants total high waters - it's really made me realize how fast he is growing.  He's still wearing size 2 diapers, but I wanted to buy some good overnight diapers because he kept leaking through.  I read that Huggies were the best, but the smallest they had was size 3, which fit him pretty good.  The 2s still work for daytime though.

Milestones:  Ronan figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back.  He was rolling on to his tummy at 10 weeks, but now he can really move around.  I think he'll be crawling around soon.  He's getting much better with his hands and smiles more easily.  He can also see me from across the room and likes to watch the dogs play.

Mama:  It's been a little harder since I'm not sleeping as well, and now I've got a splint on my wrist from the orthopedic surgeon who did my knee surgery and I've had 5 nose bleeds since yesterday morning, so I feel like I'm kinda a mess right now :)  But overall, I've been good.  I think I'm a little stressed and that is taking a toll on me (and maybe causing my nose bleeds?) and I know I just need to take a deep breath because there really isn't too much to stress about.  Maybe I'll try yoga or something!

But has anyone else had nose bleeds?  I had a few while I was pregnant, but now I got 5 in just about 24 hours and 4 of them occurred right when I started breastfeeding... so that seems like a big coincidence   We've even had a humidifier in our room the past few nights for Ronan.

Ronan (left) and me (right) - he might look like his mama too - we are both baldies :)

But seriously, isn't he adorable !
He's so cute -  I don't think I'll ever be able to say no to that face :)



Sarah Goodman said...

4 months old and cute as ever!
i know i say this all the time but i am so jealous of your camera skills and editing! we just finally got a DSLR and only photoshop elements but I'm so overwhelmed, lol! love the moving pictures of him at the end! he is so sweet. we need a play date!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Soooo cute!

Whitney M. @ The Married Me said...

He is so stinking cute!! That grin of his will charm many a girl as he grows :) How did you do the moving picture at the end?

Nat said...

He is absolute cutest!!! Those eyes and that smile! We went through the same sleeping thing and it ended shortly after Miller turned 4 months old. He was seriously up every 2-3 hours eating- it was awful and very stressful. Thankfully that was just a phase and he is now back to sleeping 12 hours with one wake up around 3 or 4am to eat. Which I can deal with. I think it must have been the 4 month sleep regression or a growth spurt. Hopefully you'll get through it quickly and get back to sleep.

Sarah Alway said...

Whoa, 95th percentile, he's going to be tall I bet! And he look so much like his daddy in that one pic. OH and the video... I've never seen anything cuter. :-)