Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pink for Fall 2013 - Yes please!

I received my Fall Fashion Harper's Bazaar magazine in the mail a few days ago and it was about as thick as a phone book! I'm honestly not too big of a fan of the magazine (too much fur - ew, and everything costs a fortune), but one of my many talents is getting free magazines.

Here are some of the fall 2013 trends I'm excited enough about to create my own polyvore sets for:

Pink: Not just for spring!

I have always LOVED pink, so I'm always excited to see that it will be in the stores.

Pink for Fall 2013

The non-pink bag I had to include because it's part of the Phillip Lim collection coming to Target September 15th.  Along with fur, I'm not a big fan of leather either so this bag is a win-win for me, I definitely want to check it out.  I wonder if it will go as fast as Missoni.

Also, it looks like oxblood is back, but now referred to as wine (I'm glad someone was reading my blog!)

Ronan, Logan, Charlie, Sawyer and I are all doing good - I love being a mom - I'll have another update soon!

Sawyer doesn't mind the Ronan's kciks - he just wants to be close!



Dee Stephens said...

Cute pooch pic with the kicks!

Nat said...

I get free magazines too! I get so many right now I can't even keep up with them. Love that pink is in for fall- I'm so happy to be buying normal clothes again

Sarah Alway said...

Oooh! I saw a lot of pink in the September issue of InStyle, too... love it!

Sarah @ Life As Always

Megan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a new follower of you now! Can we please discuss how that Target bag is a ringer for the real Phillip Lim!?

Hello Newlywed Life Blog

Faith said...

Sawyer is too adorable!

Pink for fall, sign me up!

Allison said...

I'm with you on all the fur in magazines - SO unnecessary and cruel! I don't read Harper's, but subscribe to so many others that I'm surprised my mailbox hasn't crashed through to the one underneath from all the September issues :)
I ADORE all of your Instagram pictures of your precious son and am so thrilled for you! And I'm happy the pups are loving their new brother. xox

J and M said...

Love your writting :)