Monday, January 21, 2013

Pregnancy Log - 14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks - baby is the size of a lemon
14 weeks - baby is the size of a lemon
How far along? 14 weeks

Baby Size: Lemon (According to babycenter)

Total weight gain/loss: about 2lbs, but I hadn't gained really any weight until this week (not sure if 2lbs even really counts) and I don't feel any different than I did a week ago.  Before I could feel myself getting bigger, but the scale wasn't changing.  Now it's caught up to how I feel, at least a little.

Maternity clothes?  Not yet, but I'm wearing mostly dressing with leggings because my work pants are uncomfortable on top to wear all day without unbuttoning.  I think I need to get one of those belly bands.

Stretch marks? No and hoping it stays that way, I'm putting on lots of coco butter, lotion and baby oil.

Sleep: I'm usually a hard sleeper, so I'm been kinda an adjustment getting up to go to the bathroom.  And I like to sleep on my stomach, which is starting to feel weird. But I can't really complain. 
Pregnant BFFs enjoying kiddie cocktails!
Best moment this week:  I had a doctor appointment on Monday and it was the second time I heard the baby's heartbeat - so amazing!  I also put our baby announcement on facebook and my blog. It's so nice not keeping it a secret anymore!

Also, last week I found out one of my BFFs is also pregnant and due within a few weeks of me!!!  I was so excited I almost had a heart attack!  I totally didn't see it coming but it was such an awesome surprise!

Miss Anything?  This past Saturday, I attended a good friend's wedding and it was a blast.  I thought I would miss being able to drink more than I do, it doesn't actually bother me at all.   The only thing is I do get tired and some times it hits me hard - and being tired is no fun.

Movement: A few weeks ago I felt this weird sensation, it was like a rubber band snapping in my lower stomach.  I know it's too early to feel anything, especially that strong, but it had to be something.  It didn't hurt, just a strong feeling.  Nothing happened after that, and I only happened the one time so I guess it will stay a mystery.

Food cravings:  During my entire first trimester, one of the only foods that tasted REALLY GOOD was apples.  I mostly bought Gala apples, which are mild, sweet and crisp but I did like them with a little bit of salt or peanut butter too.  I also loved grapefruit, fruit snacks and orange juice (although the orange juice isn't sounding as good anymore)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Strong smelling spicy foods seem to make me sick feeling.  I normally really like spicy foods, but I guess not right now.  Logan likes to eat a lot of sriracha sauce on his cottage cheese, and that really gets to me.  I've also made a few dips around the holidays I normally really enjoy, but some grossed me out after.  But I still liked spicy salsa at the Mexican food place on my birthday so who knows.  I think it's more the smell than anything.

Have you started to show yet: I thought I started showing for sure by 10 weeks, but enough for many people to tell.  Now that everything is out in the open, most people are telling me that they can't tell (maybe they are trying to be nice?) but a few have said that they can a little.

Gender prediction: I'm thinking it will be a girl but I'm really anxious to find out for sure.  At my last doctor appointment, they said I would do my ultrasound around February 22 and I can't wait!

Labor Signs:  No

Belly Button in or out?  In 

Wedding rings on or off?  On 

Symptoms: My boobs don't hurt so much now, which is awesome.  Food isn't seeming as gross either so hopefully 2nd trimester will be more of that. I've also been starving the last few days, but then 6pm hits and my appetite disappears.  

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I don't think I'm too difficult to put up with, but you probably don't want to mess with me either :) 

Looking forward to:  Looking pregnant instead of just bloated and I'm going to be scheduling my appointment this weekend for the ultrasound!

14 weeks pregnant belly size lemon baby bump picture
My baby bump - 14 weeks pregnant



Faith said...

You look gorgeous!

That is so excited that you and your BFF are pregnant at the same time!

Dee Stephens said...

So fun! Can't wait to follow your journey!
Me and one of my b/f/f's were pregnant together.
She was 2 weeks ahead of me but delivered an entire month ahead of me!

Susannah said...

Yay! I love this way of tracking pregnancy! That's so fun that your friend and you are going to have babies at about the same time!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Angela said...

You look gorgeous, yummy mummy-to-be!!!
My BFF just found out she's having twins :) exciting times xx

Married...with a Pup said...

You look so good girl!!! That's super exciting to find out your friend is having a baby too!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's so exciting! Did you enjoy your big Facebook debut? Whenever people announce the news on FB I imagine their phone is going off all day, as it's usually 100+ people responding.

How fun your BF is pregnant too!

Life with J and J said...

You look great! Apples and peanut butter are good cravings to have. Mine was watermelon. I couldn't eat enough of them.

Couture Carrie said...

You look so beautiful!
Love apples with peanut butter ;)


Heather said...

So fun to document this journey - you and your little lemon :)

Pearls & Paws

Lady B said...

Jenny- Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Im excited to follow you along your pregnancy journey as well! After reading your "cravings" I realized I have been buying & eating grapefruit like crazy lately -- not something I did pre pregnancy... must be a craving :)


Katy @ HaveYouHurd said...

Congratulations on the great news! I love finding bloggers who are new mommys! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby and everything is so new to me, so it's nice to find people going through the same things!

You will notice that you feel like you look REALLY pregnant and others (even close friends) think "meh, you look kind of pregnant I guess if I squint hard". I think we just know our bodies better than anyone else, so we can tell the difference first!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

KEEP the updates coming - love reading about them!!!!!

Mrs. Match said...

that rubber band feeling sounds like round ligament pain to me. The first movements will feel like little bubbles, or tiny little taps. They're so so cool to feel! :-)

Enjoy the second trimester! So far for me it's been amazing. I'm loving the increased energy, and when your belly pops out it's the best! I love my round belly and how strangers will smile when they see it.

How fun to be pregnant with your friend at the same time!

Nicole Brown said...

How fun to find you one of your good friends is not only pregnant as well, but so close to your due date! That will be a blast!


Elle Sees said...

I can't really tell that you were showing yet either but it will happen soon! that's so sweet about your BFF too!

Jess said...

How beautiful do you look? BTW--can you message me and tell me where you got that maxi? I'm looking to buy one for the summer.

Seagull said...

I hear you about getting tired easily and being tired is no fun. I thought i'd really miss drinking but actually i haven't. yay for 14 weeks Bump Twin!

Peet said...

Congrats! Hope everything goes well and you look incredible - pregnancy actually does do wonders for a woman.;)

Kristin said...

thats awaesome you have a friend pregnant at the same time! you look great girl

Sarah and Stewart said...

You look fantastic! I think not sleeping on my stomach would be the hardest part for me, it's the only way I can get comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I'm 14 weeks gone as well and I feel that I'm showing a little considering how flat my belly used to be. Congrts dear. I wish a pregnant mate BFF