Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Review! Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Pinterest -

I saw Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Friday night, and I LOVED the movie... Breaking Dawn was my favorite in the Twilight Saga and I've really enjoyed the other movies, so I knew I was going to like this one!  I liked the Breaking Dawn so much that I tricked myself into thinking that everyone else (including movie critics) would love it too, which is not the case.  The movie made $283.5 million it’s opening weekend though… so I don’t think I’m the only one who enjoys the movies!

However, the experience wasn't like my past Twilight movie screenings.  There was way more guys at the movie theater; and when I say way more I mean about 20% of the audience instead of 5%. The crowd also seems a little older too, and I was disappointed there wasn't a collective scream when Jacob took off his shirt.  Although this happened about two seconds into the movie, so maybe we all weren't ready quite yet :)

Saturday, I went shopping at Mall of America with intentions of getting some Christmas presents checked off my list.   But I always need time to think about what to get people, so I didn't have any luck with that.  But I did get a cute skirt that I wanted because I saw this photo on pinterest!

I also have been inspired by all the cute ways people do their nails on pinterest and I've been trying a few fun things with mine. This weekend I did a snakeskin type pattern using China Glaze Platinum Silver and Sally Hansen Black Crackle Overcoat - I think it turned out pretty cool!

And we got our first snow on Saturday... I'm not a huge fan of snow and winter in general, but it does look pretty and get me more in the Christmas spirit!  Here's a photo of a evergreen tree in my front yard... definitely Christmas-y!

I hope you had a great weekend and have a great (short) week!



Marie a la Mode said...

I didn't read your Breaking Dawn review because I have yet to see it! I love the mint green skirt!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Breaking Dawn. I am not a twi-hard but my girlfriends held me hostage and forced me to watch each movie in the series before seeing this one. I do agree that it was the best thus far, maybe because Bella barely talked?



Inna xoxo said...

I am jealousssss you get snow! Although i dont think id love it for more than liek a week, i wish we still got it during the holidays, just for that reason! To feel more christmasy! In ca its pretty much sunshine year round so kinda blows when its the holidays, doesnt make it all cozy like i feel it should be! bleh!
Happy Monday darlin!
xoxo Inna :)
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Faith said...

i'm so excited to see Breaking Dawn!

that photo is so pretty and makes me so ready for Christmas. i do not enjoy the snow but i have to admit that it is so pretty!

have a great week!

rinniez said...

maybe an older audience because parents are locking up their teen daughters to keep them away from the sex and gory blood scenes! took three 15 year old with me to see it and felt quite awkward...bellas obsession with needing sex annoyed me a little. overall i didnt mind the movie tho. :) xx

Impulsive Addict said...

I TOTALLY cheered loudly in the theater when Jake striped down. He's HOT. I'm totally in lust with him. All the Edward lovers have no idea what they're missing.

Love that skirt (and pinterest for that matter).

I've been hearing about the crackle stuff. I need to get some. My nails have been completely neglected lately.

I'm not too far from you and my inlaws have 8 inches of snow in their front yard. I miss Oklahoma. HA!

Impulsive Addict said...

PS. How are you liking Catching Fire?

Bonnie said...

That nail polish looks gorgeous!!
I need to go to the Mall of America sometime. Can you believe I have never been there??
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Alexandra said...

I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn, still not sure if I'm going to go I always like to read the books first! Love that mint green skirt, so cute!

Alexandra xo

Belly B said...

I was actually surprised at how good the movie was!! It was muchhhhh better than I expected!

Belly B :)

D said...

I miss looking out the window at the first snow fall of the year. We don't get snow down here in the South. How I miss it.

Date Girl said...

Yep, Jacob in the movies is WAY hotter than Edward. In the books I'm still team Edward, but he is just not cut like Jake is. I loved the movie too, but I found the beginning a little slow. I can't wait for part 2!

kcomekarolina said...

happy thanksgiving!

xoxo from rome

Fabrizia said...

Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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Sera Pie said...

I love the skirt! I'm always very inspired by the nail art photos on Pinterest but when I actually try to do them on my own nails they are...less than perfect. :)

aki! said...

That skirt looks gorgeous. I really want to go shopping but I'm definitely more of a year round bargain shopper and can't brave the mall this weekend.

Mimi said...

that tree is gorgeous, i'm so excited for christmas!!! :D

i am not a big twilight fan, but i have read all the books and seen all 3 previous movies. and i do want to see breaking dawn too. :)

<3, Mimi
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Punctuation Mark said...

haven't seen it yet because i'm waiting for the crowd to dissipate a little... hope you had a great time surrounded by your loved ones!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I have yet to see BD, but I want to. Badly. I just don't have anyone to go with! I might just wait until it's on netflix...sigh.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

There was a ton of guys too in the theater when I went and saw it!

Katie Marie said...

The crackle turned out great on you! For some reason I am afraid to try it, haha!

Marie said...

The last photo is Christmas-y, makes me feel festive!:D

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking for that skirt everywhere, do you mind telling me where you bought it?
Thank you