Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project 365 Photos

So I have been keeping up with my Project 365 photos.  It's definitely challenging for me to take a photo everyday. But it's still fun, so here is an update!

Saturday,  March 12, 2011 ~ (21/365)
On our way out to dinner and noticed this beautiful sunset!  The sky looked like it was weaved together.

Sunday,  March 13, 2011 ~ (22/365)
Yummy strawberry smoothies from my vitamix!

 Monday,  March 14, 2011 ~ (23/365)
On my FAVORITE foods ever!!  Popcorn... yum!!  I could eat this every night!  Made a big batch before I started watching the finale of the Bachelor.

Tuesday,  March 15, 2011 ~ (24/365)
Shoes in the freezer.... still trying to stretch them out.  Results are inconclusive, but once I've decided if this works I will be sure to let you know.

Wednesday,  March 16, 2011 ~ (25/365)
I think Charlie is standing on top of at least a foot and a half of snow. Seriously we have WAAAY too much snow for the middle of March!  I'm pretty sure last year it was gone by this time.  

Thursday,  March 17, 2011 ~ (26/365)
Got my Envyderm today and started using it... I took a picture of my eye and I'll share my results.  I hope it works!
Friday,  March 18, 2011 ~ (27/365)
The moon was big and pretty :)
Saturday,  March 19, 2011 ~ (28/365)
Dinner at Ichiban
Sunday,  March 20, 2011 ~ (29/365)
Charlie before his morning coffee kicks in
Monday,  March 21, 2011 ~ (30/365)
J for Jenny

Tuesday,  March 22, 2011 ~ (31/365)
Rainy day

Wednesday,  March 23, 2011 ~ (32/365)
There was a big rabbit sitting out on our patio where Charlie and Sawyer could see, it was driving them crazy

Thursday,  March 24, 2011 ~ (33/365)
Lucky bamboo 

Friday, March 25, 2011 ~ (34/365)
 Trying on floppy hats with Jamie at Mall of America

 Saturday, March 26, 2011 ~ (35/365)
Charlie and Sawyer before their haircut

Sunday, March 27, 2011 ~ (36/365)
 Charlie and Sawyer after their haircut 

Monday, March 28, 2011 ~ (37/365)
Pretty sun rise when I was leaving for work

Tuesday, March 29, 2011 ~ (38/365)
I just started reading Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins.  I have to admit I'm a little embarrassed of the title, but I like Jackie Collins books!



Bonnie said...

Baaahahaaha. I think snow pants make everyone look kind of chunky. They always parachute out and look all wonky. I still won't wear them.

I am LOVING this challenge. I saw "Poor Little Bitch Girl" at Borders the other day and thought about buying it. Now I have to get it.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Pop Champagne said...

huh, shoes in the freezer stretches them out? interesting. let me know how that works as I have a few pairs that are just a bit too small for me!

Anonymous said...

i never knew about putting shoes in a freezer to stretch them out! im gonna totally try it next time before i just sell them LOL!

love these photos...especially the ones of the pups :-)

hope you are having a great week girl!
<3 megan
A Suitcase and Stilettos

drollgirl said...


and the smoothies look like big pink boobs! lol

Kat said...

Love the rain and J necklace photos. In the moment and creative!!

I have always wanted to do this project.

McKenzie said...

So fun! I'm going to have to start doing this... what a great way to keep memories :) I'm your newest follower!

Grace said...

Lovely pics and you're so gorgeous girlie...and love you're shoes too, godo luck with them! ; ) XXX

Lydz xX said...

ok seriously...GIVE CHARLIE AND SAWYER THEIR OWN BLOG, sooo freaking adorable :)
cute and amazing pictures love the sunset and the moon x
Lydz xX

Anonymous said...

Charlie is so cute. I have a Maltese too.

Fashion Meets Food said...

First of all I love all the pictures. The pink drinks look fabulous. I actually just started reading that book as well. When I was home my mum just looked at me and laughed when she read the title of the book lol.


Beth Dunn said...

Yes you have to let us know if that eye lash stuff works. I used lastisse last year and it made a bit of a difference. Love the picture with the dog and coffee. Cute!
SC Maegan said...

um, the last shot is FANTASTIC!

Romiina said...

your photos are fantastic! my favourite "Rainy Day"

CaSaundraLeigh said...

Great pictures! sounds like a fun project..and it doesn't get any cuter than your pup with the coffee :-)

Kristin said...

I have never heard of heels going in the freezer lol. Did it work?

Ashleigh said...

shoes in the freezer - love it!! That is a great photo!!

Marie said...

How cool is that first photo?!:D

***** Marie *****