Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Going to Star Party!

So I was the FIRST winner to get Star Party tickets on KDWB and I'm excited that I'm going to the show!! The artists who will be performing at Star Party are Ke$ha, Train, Jason Derulo, B.o.B, Taio Cruz, and more TBA!!

Out of these acts, I'm most excited to see Ke$ha - so grot (combo of gross and hot)

I'm wondering who else I going to be there... I was hoping there was a chance that it might be Rihanna... even though she'd be a pretty huge act. But I heard her and Ke$ha were going on tour together. But I checked and Rihanna will be in the United Kingdom that day :(

So my guess for Star Party bonus act:

Ludacris - I love Luda! And he has a song with Taio Cruz... we will see! If he is there I hope he does some of his older stuff... I loved that!!


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