Tuesday, February 9, 2010

reasons to ♥ MN

So the snow just keeps piling up and people (including me) get down about living here. So I was looking through Travel + Leisure getting excited to go to Cabo and I saw that there were some pluses to living here…

Other rankings for Mpls/St. Paul:
- Ranked 1st for Cleanliness
- Ranked 2nd for Safety
- Ranked 3rd for Theater
- Ranked 28th for Weather
(but we beat out Chicago & Cleveland)

BTW – The bridge in this picture is the same place we took our engagement pictures:

Anyways, you are probably wondering what city was voted least attractive… I wasn’t surprised to discover that the city who would take disguising Michael Vick was the least attractive. Philadelphia was also rated 26th for friendliness and safety – again I’m not surprised

So things could be worst than a little snow :)


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