Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST season premiere

I’m very excited to watch the last season of LOST!! The first episode of the season confused me but also hooked me in… as usual! But a few questions actually got answered – kinda – so that’s something! Jamie and Eric were nice enough to have me over and even make a delicious dinner so that made it all the better! Even though my hubby had to miss it for work :( poor guy! I hope John Locke isn’t really dead/evil – I like the old John Locke, he reminds me of my dad :) What do you think:

Does my dad look like John Locke from LOST?
I don't see it
= see results =

And it’s not just the looks, it’s the way he talks and my dad is into nature and stuff too. But John is waaay older looking than my dad, plus my dad doesn’t have weird elf looking ears or scary looking scars. But it looks like John will play a big role in the final season!

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