Monday, March 24, 2014

Ronan is 7 months old!

Ronan 7 months old
Sleeping (*):  He slept through the night in his own bed... once!  But it's a start and we are working on moving from co-sleeping to him sleeping on his own.  He has been waking up around midnight or 1am but hopefully this continues to improve. * He can and will sleep through the night if we let him sleep in our bed.

love these pouches!
Eating:  During Ronan's 7 month, he's eaten sweet potatoes, avocados, butternut squash, peas, green beans, banana, carrots, and one package of Plum organics beans & rice with sweet corn.  He seems to be a pretty good little eater but still seems to like breast milk best.

I try to make the baby food, but I’d say so far it’s been about 50% homemade and 50% store bought.  At daycare, the will only do the prepackaged stuff, so I probably should bump up the homemade stuff at home.

I’m also a little unsure what is best for him, and I do research online but I find so many differing opinions that it’s hard to know what’s best.  So for now, I’m holding off until his 9 month appointment when I can discuss it with Ronan’s doctor.  And I totally know I’m being the overly paranoid new mom, but good nutrition is super important!

Mood:  He's a happy, smiley guy most of the time, especially if we are doing something fun.  He got about 4 teeth in during his 7th month, and 3 of them came right at the same time, so there were periods where he wasn't so happy but he's not to blame.  Once in a while, he gets very upset if he doesn't get his way (and he's sleepy or hungry) and puts on quite the show.

Loves:  He loves attention and praise, so when he got good feedback from mom and dad for giving high fives, he loves it.  He also learned how to pull himself up on to two feets and loves to show off what a big boy he is now.

Look mom!  I can stand!!
Wearing:  He's wearing mostly his 9 month gear, but most of his 6 month stuff still fits him.  He wore his first 12 month outfit and I was surprised at how well it fit him, but I really think it all depends on the outfit.  And he bumped up from size 2 diapers to size 3 this month.

Milestones: He has now mastered crawling and can get around fast!  He can also pull himself up to his feet, as I mentioned before, and go from standing to sitting again.

And TEETH!  He got his first tooth (bottom right) on Feb 1st so he was 6.5 months.  And then he got his top right tooth about two weeks later.  Then at about 7.5 months, he got three more teeth all at while... poor little guy!

Mama: The new teeth made breastfeeding a little challenging... and painful.  But he's learning not to bite, but it took a few, not so fun, weeks.  But otherwise, breastfeeding is still going well and everything else is about the same.

Our family looks pretty good with one more... but that will have to wait a little!  But Ronan loves his cousin!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ronan is 6 months old!

As of his 6 month appointment on 01.18.14
Weight:  17 lbs 7 oz (49th percentile)
Length: 27.5inches- (84th percentile)
HC 18.0 in (93rd percentile) 

Sleeping (*):  Ronan sleeps like an angel... when he's in bed with us.  On his own... who knows, but it's not long.  He wakes up frequently and looks to see if someones hold him, and then either goes back to sleep (if he's being held) or starts crying (if he's alone). It's probably time to break this habit because I don't want to co-sleep forever, but honestly I love having him close to me, especially since I work full time and can't be next to him all day.  It's going to be hard on both of us!

Eating: Up until he hit the 6 month marl, he had only had breast-milk.  It's pretty crazy to think that he has gotten all his nourishment from me but also pretty awesome!  Now he has had sweet potatoes, avocados and butternut squash.  He seems to be a pretty good eater, but he's still deciding if he likes it or not.  And definitely still prefers the boob over anything else.

baby's first food sweet potatoes 6 months cute messy face picture
Do I have anything on my face?

Watch him take his first taste here:

He liked them and wanted to hold the spoon himself - I think he is going to be a good little eater!

Mood:  He is happy but busy!  I think I will have my hands full when he gets more mobile because this little guy likes to move!

He also threw his first temper tantrum this past weekend.  He was in a fussy mood and I could tell he was tired but didn't want to sleep.  I was hold him and he got a hold of a shirt I was going to return with the tag attached and of course wanted to chew on the tag.  When I took it away, he arched his back and threw his head back and started to scream.  He was definitely upset I took it away.  But then we ran some errands and the car ride did the trick.  After his nap, he woke up my happy-go-lucky little guy again!

Loves:  He loves being a "daredevil" because he loves it when we toss him in the air - and by 'toss" I mean an inch maybe.  He at first gets this worried/slightly-panicked looked and then this smile:

Happiest little boy!

Wearing:  He's wearing clothes from 3 month to 12 months, it really just depends on what it is.  There have been a few things that I got before he was born, and they always seemed so big.  But then one day it's almost too small, so I hurry up and have him wear it while it still will fit!

Milestones:  On my 30th birthday (1/13/14), and just before he hit 6 months, he started to crawl!  He didn't make it that far, but it was definite crawling.  Of course, by the time I went and grabbed my camera, he was done. By January 31st, he was army crawling across the room.  This past weekend, I saw him working on crawling on all fours, but he still hasn't mastered that.

He was crawling before he could sit, but we've been practicing

Ronan practicing sitting with the help of his nursing pillow - get your's for free with promo code: LJBLOG
Free nursing pillow - only pay shipping!

I have used a nursing pillow since day one, it's a definite must even in the hospital.  I'm still nursing and using it every day, but now it has a new use - helping Ronan will his sitting skills!  And you can get your's free with this promo code:

Enter promo code: LJBLOG

Use it and you'll only have to pay shipping! Also, if you want a backup or one for the nursery and one for the living room, you can also use it more than once, you just have to open a new tab but you can use the promo code multiple times.

Mama:  I had pink eye for the better part of 3 weeks... yuck!  So I know how poor Bob Costas feels!  I thought pink eye went away after about 24 hours, but I think Ronan had a little virus (nothing serious) and he must of coughed/squeezed/spit in my face in order to get the virus in my eye.  I wear contacts so that have the virus a nice place to grab on to - has this happened to any other moms?  And now my eyes have cleared up but they are so dry I can barely open them in the mornings.

But other than that, things have been good!  It was my birthday month after all, and I like to stretch my bday out all month!
me and my baby boy - isn't his little hat the cutest?!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Owl always love you! {& Blue Nile Giveaway winner}

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I love taking pictures of my beautiful baby Ronan. And luckily for me, he is a good sport!

 Lately, I've been kinda obsessed with bokeh, the blurred lights in the background of photos.  I did make some edits to these photos, but the bokeh isn't an effect (although I did multiple it, especially if you compare the photo I added on Instagram and the edited one below).

I used the plain old-fashion Christmas lights - I got both multi-color lights (which I used for these photos) and the white lights to keep with by my camera.  Don't make the same mistake I did and use the LED Christmas lights!  The LED lights must be flashing at a just fast rate, because when I tried taking Christmas pictures of Ronan with them, they looked like they weren't on in about half the photos.  It was very strange but at least some of the pictures turned out.

The trick to bokeh is having your lens wide open (maximum aperture) and having your subject close and the lights far away in the background.  It's that simple, but it's a little tricky getting the right angle when working with a moving baby and one string of Christmas lights!

Sometimes Ronan is all smiles, but he was pretty sober acting during our little photo session.  I love his smile more than just about anything, but I love his sweet and serious expressions too.  I hope you like my photos!

Owl hat via

And congrats to my Blue Nile Branch necklace winner, Whitney from


Friday, January 10, 2014

Ronan is 5 months old!

Sleeping:  I struggled with what to write on this month's photo (hence the wide range)....  Ronan sleeps great in my arms but not so great in his bed.  When he sleeps with me, he nurses while sleeping (which kind of amazing), but still seems like kinda a gray zone.  I’m mostly asleep too, which is nice because I don't feel overly tired.

Eating:  He has only had breast milk and he's a good little eater!  He is still eating a lot during the night time hours, but I'm so happy I'm able to continue exclusively breastfeeding.

baby's first christmas photo family by christmas tree picture
Ronan's first Christmas
Mood:  He's mostly a happy camper, but he wants to be held pretty much all the time.  He still sometimes get cranky in the evening, but usually a little cuddling takes care of that.

Loves:  Other than being held, he loves jumping in his jumperoo, especially when Mom and Dad are watching and cheering him on.  He also loves playing with his feet, us playing with his feet or getting a foot massage. 

baby almost ready to crawl picture
Little wiggle worm baby!
Wearing:  He is still mostly wearing 6 month clothes, but he is already wearing some of his 9 month gear. 

Milestones:  He’s starting to get up on his knees and rock back and forth, like he is getting ready to crawl.  He also had his first Christmas!  We had four Christmases over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, so it was busy but we are so lucky that we can see all our family.  Ronan was a lot more into the Christmas presents than I thought he would be, especially the wrapping paper.  He’s getting so much more interactive, it is amazing how quickly he is growing and gaining skills.

Mama:  I keep feeling phantom baby kicks!  And I don’t think it’s gas or anything else, because this definitely feels like kicking.  Maybe I miss being pregnant already, although I’m not ready for that again now.  And I’ve worked out a handful of times, which is a big improvement.  I like doing the Jillian Michaels workouts, but I got so sore!!!  But I guess that’s a good thing.  It’s hard to find the time while I’m working full time and I don’t want to take any time away from the time I get to spend with Ronan.  But hopefully I can squeeze it in and get back into shape.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ronan is 4 months old!

As of his 4 month appointment on 11.25.13
Weight:  15 lbs 15 oz (65th percentile)
Length: 26.9 inches- (95th percentile)

Sleeping:  Well I should have knocked on wood or something!  I feel like as soon as I posted about Ronan sleeping 10 hours at night, that ended.  I shouldn't have taken it for granted!!!  And I thought since he was sleeping through the night at a young age, I was good to go for the long haul... but oh no, not so fast!  He's waking up pretty regularly now about every two hours to four hours, but the good news is that he wants to eat and then goes back to sleep easily (KNOCK ON WOOD!).

Eating: I think I may have figured out why he isn't sleeping through the night.  Ronan used to eat about 20oz a day at daycare and that number has dropped by almost half.  However, he is constantly breastfeeding through the night.  He is sleeping and eating, so at least he is easy, but it's still exhausting waking up every couple of hours.  From what I've read, this is called Reverse Cycling and it can happen when a baby prefers to breastfeed rather than take a bottle.  But he was using a size 0 nipple and we bumped him up to a 2 so we will and now he is eating more like 15oz, so we'll see if that helps.

Would it be inappropriate to ask my daycare provider to wear one of these so he eats better during the day instead of just at night?  (Just kidding of course, but not really if it worked!) 
Mood:  He's a happy and busy baby.  He's been a little fussy the past two days, and it really worries us (& stresses us out!)  because it just isn't normal for him.  But he was a perfect angel for the family on Thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday.

Loves:  He loves attention.  He loves being held, but even just looking at him will usually make him happy.

Ronan (left) and Logan (right) - I think Ronan will be handsome like daddy :)

Wearing:  He's definitely long and wearing some of his 6 months outfits, but he still fits in some of his 3 months clothes too.  I tried on an old 3 months outfit that went missing for about a month...before it was pretty big on him, but now the pants total high waters - it's really made me realize how fast he is growing.  He's still wearing size 2 diapers, but I wanted to buy some good overnight diapers because he kept leaking through.  I read that Huggies were the best, but the smallest they had was size 3, which fit him pretty good.  The 2s still work for daytime though.

Milestones:  Ronan figured out how to roll from his tummy to his back.  He was rolling on to his tummy at 10 weeks, but now he can really move around.  I think he'll be crawling around soon.  He's getting much better with his hands and smiles more easily.  He can also see me from across the room and likes to watch the dogs play.

Mama:  It's been a little harder since I'm not sleeping as well, and now I've got a splint on my wrist from the orthopedic surgeon who did my knee surgery and I've had 5 nose bleeds since yesterday morning, so I feel like I'm kinda a mess right now :)  But overall, I've been good.  I think I'm a little stressed and that is taking a toll on me (and maybe causing my nose bleeds?) and I know I just need to take a deep breath because there really isn't too much to stress about.  Maybe I'll try yoga or something!

But has anyone else had nose bleeds?  I had a few while I was pregnant, but now I got 5 in just about 24 hours and 4 of them occurred right when I started breastfeeding... so that seems like a big coincidence   We've even had a humidifier in our room the past few nights for Ronan.

Ronan (left) and me (right) - he might look like his mama too - we are both baldies :)

But seriously, isn't he adorable !
He's so cute -  I don't think I'll ever be able to say no to that face :)


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A boy and his dog - Ronan and Sawyer - BFF

My dogs, Charlie and Sawyer, have always been my babies. I adore them and I was a little concerned to see what would happen when I brought Ronan home. Would my dogs be super jealous of the new baby?

Charlie "my first born" fur baby started acting out while I was pregnant, around the time we started setting up Ronan's crib. Sawyer is very happy-go-lucky, but needs to be center of attention. I happy to say the both dogs seemed to except our new addition without a lot of drama.

Charlie is still a little nervous around Ronan, but comes up and sniffs him. Sawyer, on the other hand, wants to be where ever Ronan is and finds him as kissable as I do. We try to prevent the dog from licking the baby, however he sneaks in plenty of kisses.

I wanted to share with you some of the photos I gotten of Ronan and Sawyer over the past few months, they are so cute together :)

baby and his dog photography photos cute pictures
maltese and baby photography photos cute pictures
dog kissing baby photography photos cute pictures
dog and baby sleeping together cute cuddly picture
puppy kissing baby boy cute picture
puppy love photography cute baby pictures
a boy and his dog cute pictures of a baby and his puppy
dog claims his baby picture cute baby feet picture
dog wearing sunglasses funny with kid picture
lots of snuggles dog and baby sleeping together cute picture

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ronan is 3 months old!

Ronan - 3 months old

Sleep: Yes, he really does sleep 10 hours... in a row!  Not every single night... sometimes he only sleeps 8 hours (halfway wakes up eats and goes back to sleep), but still I don't know how I got so lucky, but I'm pretty sure I have the best baby ever!  He typically goes to bed around 7-8pm and wakes up when I wake him up.  I'm still figuring out how my back-to-work schedule will work out and I want to nurse him before he has to go to daycare.  So far, I like to feed him first thing in the morning, before I get ready so I can pump after that if I need too. But that ends up being pretty early and then he usually goes back to sleep for a while and I get ready for work.  But maybe I need to figure out a better schedule, what do other moms do?

baby sleeping sucking thumb 3 months old picture
Eating: Ronan breastfeeds or gets pumped milk while he is at daycare.  And although he's one of the youngest babies, he's one of the best eater (or drinkers?) in his class.  He drinks about 20oz while I'm at work, but so far I've been able to keep up.  Breastfeeding had it's challenges in the beginning, but I'm very thankful that it has gotten very easy now.  Pumping is kinda a pain, but I'm happy to do it.

Ronan during tummy time - look at that strong neck
Mood:  Ronan in a very happy and laid back baby and I hope he keeps these traits!  He is also very active and alert during the day, usually only taking cat naps with a longer one mixed in (probably why he sleeps so well at night!)  Over the past month he really seems to appreciate his toys and he loves looking at the TV - if it's on, he will crank his neck around to try and watch.  

Kewpie cupie doll baby look alike face picture cute
Someone at work told me Ronan looks like a Kewpie doll... yeah I can see it :)
Loves:  He's the most cuddly baby ever, he loves to snuggle which I also love!  He has started cooing and smiling a lot and seems to have little conversations where he says something and then waits for a reaction.  It is the cutest thing ever!  He also makes noises that sound exactly like "mum" or "mum mum" - I think my baby is a genius. 

Wearing: He is wearing size 2 diapers and has been for a while. He still fits in some of his 0 to 3 month outfits but is wearing some of his 6 month outfits already. For socks, I don't even bother with the 0 to 6 months, he has needed the 6 to 12 months socks since he was born. 

Some of the daily photos I get from Ronan's daycare - these get me through the day!
Milestones:  At 10 weeks old Ronan rolled over from his back to his tummy and he does it more and more now. He is getting much better with his hand coordination which means he is sucking his thumb more often.  He is also putting toy in his mouth and drooling a lot, I hope he doesn't get his teeth too soon!

Mama:  I went back to work at 12 weeks, which was very hard, especially dropping him off at daycare that first day.  I really didn't know if I could do it, but honestly it hasn't been as hard as I thought.  I still miss him like crazy, but I'm not sobbing every ten minutes like I thought I would be.  And I'm back to my pre-baby weight!  I had plateaued for a long time, and I didn't change much other than going back to work.  But I had to skip a few lunches to fit in all that pumping.  But not anymore, I don't want my supply dropping.  I do want to start working out again but it hasn't been easy to find the time and energy.

Our little family